Berlin 2018








European’s best Busdrivers 2018 come from Stuttgart!

A record number of 21 teams from 15 European nations came together on September 22, 2018 in Berlin to compete for the title “Best European Busdriver”. More than 350 individual decision demanded teamwork, driving skills, speed and of course a bit of luck.

The eight disciplines simulated the daily challenges of the bus drivers. The disciplines were driving forwards along a narrow lane with bend, judging the clearance width, turning round a tight space, slalom course, driving through a constriction, perfect stop at a bus stop, judging speed and driving backwards along a narrow lane. One male and one female driver of each team, which have been partially chosen in internal championships, faced the challenge.

Sonja Lochstampfer and Günther Hortig from Stuttgart were the most successful team, followed by the teams from Moscow and Lodz. Sebastian Mlonka from Lodz won the title of the best single driver, followed by Günther Hortig from Stuttgart and Janos Haibach from Budapest.

More than 5.000 spectators visited the bus spectacle at the depot in Berlin.


Stuttgart 7280
Moscow 7170
Lodz 7110
Paris 6740
Berlin 6570
Budapest 6525
Reykjavik 6390
Brno 6255
Graz 6165
Miskolc 6005
Hamburg 5880
Prague 5550
Rotterdam 5540
Milan 5230
Zurich 5225
Krakow 4950
Birmingham 4780
Leipzig 4660
Gothenburg 4625
Oradea 4100
Madrid 3810